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Imperfect/Seconds Backpack Bunny Enamel Pin


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Imperfect/Seconds Backpack Bunny Enamel Pin

Imperfect pins are just perfect for everyday use! They will have miniscule imperfections, so they are perfect for being worn everyday, or for your collection when you’re being aware of your budget!


Here is the criteria I use for my collectors grade pins! Seconds/ imperfect pins may not adhere to multiple of these criteria, which is why they are on sale!

-90% or more of the enamel fill is at a proper level (no overfilled or pooling)

-The metal plating is without flaw, no missing plating.

-there are minimal or no black dots on the surface.

-The enamel colour is properly mixed and has uniform colour.

-no fingerprints in the enamel or metal

-no dents in the enamel

-properly filled colours, no missing enamel fill or incorrect colour in any spot

Your pin may need a little shining when it arrives (I’ve shined them already) but all it needs is a little wipe on a cloth meant for your glasses or devices and they immediately become super shiny and gorgeous!

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