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Best Friends Bunny and Snake Hard Enamel Pin


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Best Friends Bunny and Snake Hard Enamel Pin
Best Friends Bunny and Snake Hard Enamel Pin

Bunny and Snake are just having a hug! No predator and prey relationships here... probably?

They want to be your best friend too! Bring these two along everywhere you go for some support when your day is tough!


This is a 1.5 inch silver plated hard enamel pin with a recess, two posts in the back, and pink rubber backings that hold on super well!


These are adorable for your collection or for everyday use! Put your best friends pin on your collar, lapel, jean jacket or hat! Adds a little splash of pink to a neutral-coloured outfit, or a little white to a brightly coloured outfit!


If you wish to display your pin as a collectors item it arrives pinned to a card although you can also be creative with pinning them on a canvas or corkboard!




Here are the criteria I hold for the collector’s quality of these pins:


-90% or more of the enamel fill is at a proper level (no overfilled or pooling)


-The metal plating is without flaw, no missing plating. 


-there are minimal or no black dots on the surface. 


-The enamel colour is properly mixed and has uniform colour. 


-no fingerprints in the enamel or metal


-no dents in the enamel


-properly filled colours, no missing enamel fill or incorrect colour in any spot


Your pin may need a little shining when it arrives (I’ve shined them already) but all it needs is a little wipe on a cloth meant for your glasses or devices and they immediately become super shiny and gorgeous!

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