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Forest Friends Full Set (5 av. 5” stickers)


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Forest Friends Full Set (5 av. 5” stickers)

For those who prefer not to play the game of chance, here are full sets of the forest friends stickers! This includes all five designs. They are all different sizes just like any group of friends but average out to the same size considering width and height! 

Let’s meet the pals!

-Honey the Bunny, a grumpy bunny with a great forehead floof!

-Molly the Sheep, a lovely black sheep with great fashion sense!

-Dotty the Deer, the tallest of the group and a lover of expensive lattes!

-Tulip the Tortoise! They’re shy, but they always mean well!

-Lastly, there is Noisette the Chipmunk! She’s french and a very talkative young lady!

These stickers are all glossy weatherproof vinyl, and perfect for any surface, such as your laptop, sketchbook, water bottle... the list goes on!

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