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Gecko Kids 2” Vinyl Sticker Pack


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Gecko Kids 2” Vinyl Sticker Pack
Gecko Kids 2” Vinyl Sticker Pack

Dobby and Morris are both the spunkiest, sweetest leopard geckos there’s ever been! Finally here to match the Ruby Boy sticker pack, are the Gecko Kids Dobby and Morris!

Included are the “everything is wormies” design, Dobby’s life motto, as well as the “sweet baby chicken legs” design, Morris’ pet name as she slept with her plucked chicken -esque feet splayed about like an absolute goofball!

These two are both 2 inches in size, and made of glossy weatherproof vinyl! They’re the perfect shape and durability for the back of your phone, but are just as fitting stuck on anything from your sketchbook, water bottle, laptop...the possibilities are endless!

Be sure to wipe your chosen surface clean and dry before application, and these stickers can stick around for months! 

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