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How to Commission

Hi there! Thank you for considering ordering a custom artwork from me. Below I’ve listed everything I can think of that will make this experience smooth and easy for both of us! Please know that I’m always here to help, and if you’re ever unsure or needing guidance, I’m just an email away!

How to commission:
 Please email me for custom orders. I also have a form available if you are interested in a price quote!

Whether I am actively taking on new orders or not, I’ll always be available to chat and help put together a price estimate for you! Pricing is all based on an hourly rate, for more info please see my policies page! All of the commission listings available on my store are the base price. If you wish to purchase any add-ons, such as additional characters or detail, or a kind of commission that doesn’t have a base price such as a pet portrait or banner design, please send me an email! I prefer to keep all contact through a single email thread as information can be lost otherwise!
Payments are to be made through my store! I will typically send an invoice to your email address once you are ready to make a payment.

 The entire process depends very much on your participation, as you will be hiring me for this job, and I need your guidance to make this perfect for you! For that to happen, I require certain things such as a complete reference and description list and good communication!
 Once your payment has gone through, we can start compiling references! I’ll ask you any questions I have to get a well-rounded idea of what you need before beginning the sketch! Below I will have a form, listing common references and descriptions I need during this step!
 To ensure you’re happy with the product, I will check in with you with the sketch, and again once the colours are ready! For more information about needing edits to the work in progress, please read my policies! I will always wait for your explicit permission to continue past the check-in, so this may lengthen the turn-around time.
 Commissions are generally completed within 2-4 days after I start the sketch! I will often have a waitlist, however. I will let you know an approximation of how many days you will need to wait in queue before I can begin your commission! If you need your order prioritized, the fee is +50% of the subtotal! If you opt for a priority order the commission should be completed within 1-3 days of purchase!
 Once your digital art piece is complete, I will email you the full resolution png files! Included will be the original file with the background of your choosing, as well as, if you wish for any, additional versions such as files with transparency, cropping or different file dimensions, or a watermarked version! The email will also include the link to my digital tip jar on PayPal! Please consider leaving a tip if you enjoy the work!
If you have any other questions about the process, I’m always happy to help through email!

Your answers to this section may determine the price of the commission as more detail requires extra time and extra payment.

Here is the link to the online form- If you have already received a price quote or paid for your commission and are ready to continue, please fill this out, and I will contact you through the e-mail you have left on the form for the next steps of the commission process!