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Shop Policies

Welcome to!
Here I’ll explain my policies and rules!
If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I reply to emails every day while my commissions are open between 5 and 10 pm central time (less often when they aren’t open)
If I am in the process of working on your commission I will prioritize your messages and answer them as soon as I possibly can, disregarding the usual business times.


Below are my policies for my custom art commissions! These are to keep both me the artist, and you the customer, happy and safe during this process.

  • While organizing your order, and upon your payment, I will let you know what place you are in on my queue and how many days it will take me to get to your order. My turnaround time from when I begin the sketch is listed in the commission details.
    I will keep you very updated on the process and how long the commission will take. In general, my turnaround is within a week, although if my queue is long or the commission has a lot of detail and it will take longer, I will inform you!
  • RUSH/PRIORITY ORDERS are available if you need your order as fast as possible. The turnaround time, in this case, depends on the level of difficulty of the art piece, it will generally be completed within 1-3 days of purchase. Rush/priority orders cost an additional +50% of the full commission price and boost you to the top of my queue. I will prioritize your order above all other projects I have going on. If you have any questions regarding the turnaround time for a prioritized version of your commission please message me!
  • My commission prices are based on an hourly rate. The description of the commission will outline what that price includes and the approximate time it will take. Please understand that when I ask if you need edits during the process, that counts as time spent as well! I budget for 20 minutes of edits in all of my prices. If you need anything changed past that, we will have to organize an additional payment for more time!

  • The edits portion of the process is geared towards editing the original idea, and not for changing any concept. We will chat about your entire idea before I start the sketch and I will make sure to ask you questions to get the whole design in my mind! Please be sure to have mentioned all of the subject matter for the drawing before I begin. Cases in which the customer wishes to make changes to the subject matter or concept of the drawing after the sketch has begun may require payment as compensation for the extra work.

  • Please be clear and concise with your requests for edits when given the opportunity! Please keep your requests to one message. I will make all of the edits at once and show you the image again. I am fully responsible for any parts of your explanation I misunderstood, however, if you failed to mention a change in your previous request, I am not responsible for that and it is included in the time you paid for!

  • If an additional fee is on the off chance required during the process, I will let you know BEFOREHAND and give you the option to either simplify your requests or pay the extra time through a new invoice. The price will depend on the amount of extra detail you’re needing.

  • My minimum charge for commissions is for a half-hour of work, equating to 16 Canadian dollars. This is required to cover customer service, regardless of the time spent on the artwork.
  • Full refunds are only valid before I have started the sketch. After the sketch has begun, only a half-price refund is available as an option. Refunds are invalid after the sketching stage of the process. 

  • Refunds do not apply to payments made in cash.
  • Placing a commission order puts the full responsibility of replying to my contact in the customer's hands. Please be sure to supply me with a method of contact, either e-mail or Instagram, where you are sure to see my messages. I will only refund payments on request.
  • Promotional material business use permissions are included at no extra charge in all commission types. For this reason, crediting my work, when possible, is much appreciated! If you wish to use a commissioned design for merchandise, please tell me, and we can organize an appropriate one-time licensing fee.
  • I am more than happy to design anything from a character to an outfit for you for no extra cost! I love designing and am happy to do so. However, I will require payment for extra time if you decide to have a throw-ideas-and-sketches-around kind of process. If the process is either giving me creative freedom with an idea of yours or telling me all of the details ahead of time for the design, this won’t be necessary! We can discuss how you want to approach this before starting the commission to make sure you’re happy with how the process goes!
  • I will draw: Portraits of real-life people, portraits of animals, original characters, original species, characters from media (shows, games, books, etc), furries, any gender, etc (I am more than happy to draw whatever for you as long as you’re understanding that anything out of my usual comfort zone will be entirely experimental for me.)
  • I will ask explicit permission to draw: Any sensitive subject matter such as mild gore or nudity (I will require for your age to be over 18 to have me commission anything NSFW), characters belonging to another creator on the internet (if you’re friends, permission isn’t necessary but I require written permission if you don’t know the creator),
  • I will not draw: Nude or burly men, underage nudity, any harmful or immoral subject matter such as abuse. I will also not draw any sexual subject matter past nudity.
  • These commissions are a group effort. If I need any help or input from you, I will make sure to ask! We can make this experience and output perfect for you, together! Please recognize that you are paying not only for the final product, you are also paying for the process!


  • I ship everywhere in the world! There is a standard shipping cost for international which includes every country other than Canada and the United States (those have different shipping prices)
  • The shipping service I use is Canada Post.
  • The standard shipping is for letter mail and will arrive anywhere in the world in about two weeks, but please remember to expect more time the farther away you live from central Canada! If you wish to pay extra for shipping, I have an option available for 5-day shipping with tracking for Canada and the United States that is an option at checkout. If you live elsewhere and would like shipping with tracking, please message me within 24 hours of placing your order and we can organize a payment.

  • Because the standard shipping price does not include tracking or insurance, if you opt for that shipping option, please understand that I am not responsible for the items arriving damaged or lost. However, I will try my very best to keep your items safe with lots of tape and good mailers. If you opt for the shipping with tracking, the post office is responsible for your items arriving damaged or being lost. I am more than happy to help you contact the post office to rectify this issue if it happens.

  • Please double-check the mailing address on your order before placing it! If you notice afterward that the address is incorrect please make sure to message within 24 hours to have that address corrected!

  • Please read the description of the item before purchase, there I will explain the quality and materials of the merchandise. If you have any additional questions about the quality please ask.

  • Flat merchandise such as prints and colouring books are sent in sturdy photo mailers. This makes the shipping price more expensive but it keeps the merchandise flat and safe which counts for a lot!

  • Individual stickers will be sent in a plain envelope to save on shipping costs (unless you purchase something else along with it! Then they’ll be in the sturdier mailer)

  • Lastly, bulky merchandise such as pins, sticker packs, pencil cases, etc. are shipped in bubble mailers. The bubble wrap keeps the items safe from jostling!

  • If you have any concerns regarding your order, such as a mistake in the shipping, package damaged upon arrival, faulty merchandise, or anything unexpected, please message me and we can figure out a plan of action.
  • I will not do returns as that costs the customer too much for it to be worthwhile. In the case that your merchandise arrives and is faulty or the wrong item, I will ask you to provide photos. Generally, I will send a replacement since this situation would be my fault. Every situation is different, therefore I would prefer to chat one-on-one to resolve this issue.