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Thank you for visiting my portfolio!

My name is Luca White, and I’m a non-binary and autistic artist from Manitoba, Canada. My artwork is mainly digital-based character design illustrations, though I will occasionally dabble in short-form comics, flash games, handmade graphic design, and multi-media watercolour.

I’m very passionate about art and believe in encouraging everyone to pursue what makes them happy. I love to draw cute original designs, and diverse humans and species of animals, too! Trying to incorporate my passions of neurodiversity and biodiversity into my art is one of my biggest goals as an artist.

A self-portrait, drawn in January, 2020.

All of the merchandise on my page has been designed and outsourced all by myself! I run this business by myself, as well! My creed is to keep my merchandise as high-quality and affordable as possible. Another large part of my business is my freelance design work, where I create artworks for individuals and businesses alike! I do mostly portraits, of both fictional characters, and real people and animals. I am also always available for larger illustration jobs.

Please see the contacts at the bottom of the page for my Instagram, which is always very up-to-date with my artwork and life!