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Digital Lettered Logo Commission (custom artwork)


Regular price $24.00 CAD
Digital Lettered Logo Commission (custom artwork)
Digital Lettered Logo Commission (custom artwork)
Digital Lettered Logo Commission (custom artwork)
Digital Lettered Logo Commission (custom artwork)

A custom digital logo artwork in a handwritten font of your choice! It will be 11x11 inches, 350dpi, with a circular background.  

If you have any questions, please contact me here or at


This commission includes: Writing in a handwritten font of your choice, a circular background (simple, patterned, or watercolour), and max 10 mins of edits. (45 mins of work total, including customer service)


The final product will be e-mailed your way. Please let me know if you need any other versions such as a transparent background, watermarked version, etc!

I will ask your permission before posting the logo on Instagram.


Additional fees if required:

-Add Animal= $16 cad each

-Add object (small to medium size)= $8 cad each

-Add medium detail background (Detailed pattern, objects, anything requiring line-art) = $16 cad 

-Add scenic background (room, landscape, etc)= $32 cad 

-Rush/priority= +50% of full price 

 I charge 16 Canadian dollars (cad) per half hour of work! If you wish to add anything to the artwork that is not listed above, please let me know, and we can work out a price quote!

Once ordered, I will need:

-A description & photo references of what you would like! Here is my form to fill out for this step.

-Verification that the sketch is correct and permission to finalize and continue, I will check in with you to show you the sketch as well as the same with the base colours! I only work after receiving explicit permission at each step.

-Expect less than a week for me to complete the drawing after I have begun the sketch! If you have a strict timeline please let me know and we can figure it out! But I will stay in contact to let you know where I am in the process. For larger pieces, I will need more time. After your payment I will let you know an accurate timeline to expect and what place you are in my commission queue!


Thank you for your generosity!

Priced by hours of labour, about 45 minutes.


*If you wish to add extras please message me. 

*Size depends on cropping

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