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Digital "Stretchy Slime" Logo Commission (custom artwork from a base)


Regular price $32.00 CAD
Digital "Stretchy Slime" Logo Commission (custom artwork from a base)
Digital "Stretchy Slime" Logo Commission (custom artwork from a base)
Digital "Stretchy Slime" Logo Commission (custom artwork from a base)
Digital "Stretchy Slime" Logo Commission (custom artwork from a base)

The "Your Character Here" commission type is geared towards those who need a more affordable custom logo option! For this reason, it is drawn from a base I have made, and you can customise certain details in order to make the logo unique to you. This is not a portrait, but I do require a picture in order to get everything accurate!
If you are looking for a more personalised option, please see my "Digital Chibi Logo Commission" listing!

This commission includes: A half body chibi character drawn from a base, a handwritten banner of your business or account name, your choice of colours and hairstyle. max 20 mins of edits. (1 hour of work total, including customer service)

Customisable details:

-Hairstyle and colour (does not include accessories)

-Eye and skin colour

-Facial details, such as moles, glasses, freckles, or eyelashes

-Your choice of slime colour and add-ins (sprinkles, marbled colour, or foam beads)

-Font style choice from three fun options (and your choice of colour)

-Shirt and background colours


The final product will be e-mailed your way. Please let me know if you need any other versions such as cropping for social media icons, transparent background, watermarked version, etc!

I will ask your permission before posting the artwork on Instagram or my website.


Rush/priority is+50% of the full price. Add-ons are not available for this commission type as it is drawn from a base!

Once ordered, I will need:

-A description & photo references of what you would like! I will send you a link to the form to be filled out once we are ready to begin!

-Verification that the sketch is correct and permission to finalize and continue, I will check in with you to show you the sketch as well as the same with the base colours! I only work after receiving explicit permission at each step.

-Expect less than a week for me to complete the drawing after I have begun the sketch! If you have a strict timeline please let me know and we can figure it out! But I will stay in contact to let you know where I am in the process. For larger pieces, I will need more time. After your payment I will let you know an accurate timeline to expect and what place you are in my commission queue!


Thank you for your generosity!

Priced by hours of labour, about 1 hour.


Please make sure to have read this entire description before purchasing this listing so you know this is the right option for you! As always, I'm always available through e-mail to chat, if you want to discuss your options together!


*Size depends on cropping

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